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The PeopleClues team consists of recognized experts in the field of psychometrics and test development, web application design, international branding, global strategic marketing development and virtual business leadership.

The PeopleClues team:

Bobby Cottrell, Senior Director of Engineering

As Senior Director of Engineering for PeopleClues, Bobby is responsible for everything product-related, from application development to marketing and branding. Prior to the founding of PeopleClues in 2000, he spent 16 years in marketing and building strong brand identity programs for other companies with his own company.

Starting in 1984, Bobby helped companies build their brand identity with strong, cohesive image campaigns, with many of his clients seeking his assistance before taking their company public in order to create the dynamic new image needed to raise investment capital in the public sector. Beginning in 1994, he began working with clients to build their brand identity by establishing their presence on the web, first with static websites and eventually with interactive, database-driven web applications. His vast experience working with clients in industries such as internet service providers, wireless communications, ERP software solutions, international IP communication services and government agencies has been instrumental in building robust platforms with simple, functional usability for PeopleClues products.


Dr. Leonard D. Goodstein, Ph.D. Psychometrics

As the co-author of the PeopleClues line of assessments, Dr. Goodstein is responsible for leading the internal and external international team of experts for assessment development and ongoing maintenance of validation objectives. After receiving his bachelor’s degree with honors from the City College of New York, Dr. Goodstein went on to receive both an M.A. and Ph.D. from Columbia University, both in Psychology. A holder of the Diploma in Clinical Psychology of the American Board of Professional Psychology, Dr. Goodstein is a Distinguished Practitioner of the National Academy of Practice. He is a licensed psychologist in both California and the District of Columbia. Dr. Goodstein is listed in Who’s Who in America and American Men and Women in Science.

He has been actively involved in developing and validating psychological tests for over 50 years. His published research involves over 20 books, 150 articles, and numerous book and test reviews. His most recent books include Personality Assessment (Third Edition) coauthored with Richard I Lanyon and published by McGraw-Hill and Individual Asessment: A Practical Guide for HR Professional, Trainers, and Manager, coauthored with Erich Prien and to be published in 2006 by Pfeiffer, a John Wiley imprint.

Since completing a three-year term as Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Psychological Association, psychology’s national membership association in 1988, he has been engaged in consulting, research, and writing. Prior to APA, Dr. Goodstein had a distinguished academic career, including professorships at the Universities of Iowa, Cincinnati, and Arizona State University where he served as Chair of the Department of Psychology. In addition, he has been a Fulbright Senior Lecturer (Professor) at the Vrije Universiteit in the Netherlands. After leaving academia and prior to joining APA, he was President and later Chairman of the Board of University Associates, Inc., now Pfeiffer and Company.


Dr. Richard I. Lanyon, Ph.D. Psychometrics

As co-author of the PeopleClues line of assessments, Dr. Lanyon is responsible for ongoing research, development and maintenance for achieving assessment validation objectives. Dr. Lanyon holds a degree in engineering from the University of Adelaide (Australia) in 1964, plus M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in clinical psychology from the University of Iowa (1964). He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Professional Psychology in Clinical Psychology (1971) and also in Forensic Psychology (1988). He has been a research-and-development engineer for the South Australian Government and has held academic appointments at several universities, including Harvard Medical School where he was also Chief Psychologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Since 1975, he has been Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University and was Director of the Ph.D. program in clinical psychology from 1975 to 1982. He has taught graduate-level courses in the development and use of psychological tests for nearly 40 years, and he has also taught courses in statistics, neuropsychological assessment, personality, and forensic psychology.

Dr. Lanyon has published more than 100 articles in academic and professional journals. His books have included A handbook of MMPI group profiles (University of Minnesota Press, 1968); (with B. P. Lanyon) Behavior therapy (Addison-Wesley, 1978); and (with Leonard D. Goodstein) three editions of the textbook Personality Assessment (Wiley, 1971, 1982, 1997), two editions of Adjustment, behavior, and personality (Addison-Wesley, 1975, 1979), and Readingsin personality assessment (1971). Tests he has developed include the Psychological Screening Inventory (1973, 1978); (with B. P. Lanyon) the Incomplete Sentences Task (1980); and (with Ruehlman and Karoly) the Multidimensional Health Profile (1998).

Much of Dr. Lanyon’s research activity has focused on the technology of constructing psychological tests, and in particular, on gaining a better understanding of the various ways in which test respondents tend to misrepresent themselves and on ways of identifying and measuring these distortions. He has given workshops on personality assessment and has consulted to organizations on the development and use of personnel-related psychological test instruments. In addition, he has conducted many individual psychological assessments in a wide variety of settings.


Dr. Jeanette Goodstein, Advisor

Jeanette Goodstein, a consultant and writer based in Washington, DC assists organizations in conducting a variety of research and analysis activities, focusing on job analysis, needs assessment, and program development and evaluation. She is co-author of Who's Driving Your Bus?, a book on codepen­dency in the workplace, and developed accompanying instructional materials and assessment instruments.

Among various consulting and writing projects, Dr. Goodstein has conducted an evaluation of a major management development program for Cathay Pacific Airways. She has also consulted with the National Institute for Mental Health on human resource development issues and, on behalf of its National Human Resource Development Task Force on Strategic Planning, wrote the National Mental Health HRD Strategic Plan. She has authored, coauthored, or edited several other books and articles including “A Roadmap for Evaluating Training,” and Introduction to Business Management, a basic textbook for Japanese students.

Following completion of her BA degree in history from the College of Wooster, she earned an MA in interna­tion­al relations from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston. She later returned to graduate studies at Arizona State University, obtaining her doctoral degree in public policy and social psychology.


Nigel Newman, UK Managing Director

Nigel is responsible for the business sales, marketing and support of PeopleClues in the UK. Nigel is a teaching graduate with a background in European business management and has over 20 years experience in the use of psychometric assessment in the recruitment and development of effective personnel. He holds a Certificate in Occupational Testing, is a well-known conference speaker and contributor to recruitment journals.


Paul Newman, UK Technical Director

As UK Technical Director, Paul is responsible for all technical product enquiries for PeopleClues in the UK.

Paul is a founder member of Personal Consultancy Solutions Limited (PCSL) an HR Consultancy specialising in Recruitment & Selection, Learning & Development. Paul has a BA (Hons) degree in HR and Business Management and has delivered a wide range of consultancy solutions. Paul is also well versed in designing and delivering assessment centres, volume sourcing and attraction campaigns and modern talent management techniques. Paul's background in psychometric testing spans over 10 years and he is BPS Level A & B qualified.


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