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Ok, time to get real…

Question: What are candidates who apply for jobs saying about the experience?

Answer: If you ask candidates, they overwhelming express how much it “sucked”; if you ask the politically correct and stakeholder-groups they say “we’ve failed to deliver an appropriate experience which aligns with..brand..mission…blah, blah, blah etc."

Our vision and objective is to be a catalyst and champion for candidates to be treated with more respect in the job search process. Over the last 2 years we have spoken to hundreds of companies globally, and we keep updated on “candidate experience” research. So far we haven’t seen much improvement in this area. While the conversations are starting to happen around business impact of a bad candidate experience, we are still coming up short on finding examples of organizations providing a “Great Candidate Experience”. We’re taking the position of leading change by enabling our clients to utilize new technology and assessment information that can and should be shared with candidates who apply to their organization. We’re leading a change movement around delivering the Best Candidate Experience at no additional charge to the clients or candidates.

We make it better…

We have developed an industry changing technology and information engine named “ACE”…Automated Candidate Experience

Our vision is to empower HR Technology vendors, HR Professionals and companies to build “communication, courtesy and respect” back into the candidate experience. We feel that being a “Best Candidate Experience” Champion will hopefully benefit everyone we are working with as well as opening the eyes of stakeholders who can make a difference. We are champions for the “people” who use or are impacted by our assessments, so we have developed a way to "give back" to this community of individuals. What’s really cool…we don’t actually charge "anyone" for this component of our application as our way of giving back!

Candidate instantly Receives:

  • Feedback on their strengths that is relevant and helpful
  • Specific language they can add to their resume or Social Media profiles that helps them articulate their strengths
  • Specific questions for them to prepare for behavioral interviews
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